Friday, December 23, 2011

Older stuff

Oysters on Valentine's Day (February, 2011)

Romantic dinner for two (February, 2011)

A seafood tower (March, 2011)

 Provencial food for four (March, 2011)

Wine and chocolate in Tallinn (April, 2011) 

Crab (May, 2011)

A whole lot of grilled Tinos sausages and lamb chops (July, 2011)

Drinks at Mykonos (July, 2011)

Seafood party (August, 2011)

Morning Champagne at the airport (October, 2011)

Oyster breakfast (November, 2011)

 Sushi dinner (November, 2011)

Seafood tower at Silja Serenade (November, 2011)

Snails (November, 2011)

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